Genesis RPS is a service to monitor and benchmark the following rig-dependent operations:

  • Speed for trip in /out
  • Speed and duration for riser and BOP operations
  • Speed for running casing
  • Speed and duration for other operations, under request

Genesis RPS was developed to assist drilling contractors and operators to execute their rig operations even better. Studies have shown that those operations represent around 30% of well construction time.

Genesis RPS monitors and benchmarks rig operations. We give warn indicating the right moment to act and establish action plans to achieve the best in class performance.

Accordingly to the book The Property Damage Accident (Frank E. Bird e George L. Germain – published by FEBCO, Inc. – 1997), a loss is associated to a lack of control. A poor performance in a rig operation is a loss. Our methodology is based on the identification of any lack of control in the monitored operations and definition of necessary actions to avoid any loss of performance.

We work in the process control of high safety risk operations, in order to avoid losses. Injured person is a loss. Therefore we work the rig performance improvement without compromise rig HSE standards.

Our reports are sent to clients at the end of each operation and well construction. The graphics provide easy communication and are easily understood by management and operational staff.


This plot allows the comparison of latest actual executed by the rig with history data of same operation executed by the rig itself and executed by rigs of same class registered in our database.


This plot shows:

  • Improvement of operation P50 in the last 5 wells (chronological ordered)
  • The trend of process control (difference between P75 and P25 – dispersion behavior)

What is the value chain of your rig operation in client’s perspective?
Excellence in HSE and high standard performance are KPI of rig operations from operator’s perspective

About HSE
HSE Excellence demands an effective Management System.
The Management System efficacy results from consistent operational procedures associated with rig crew compliance with procedures requirements.

Genesis RPS delivers to its clients a methodology to improve the operational procedures and compliance, for the operations we monitor.

About high standard performance
Genesis RPS monitors the performance of your rig operations and benchmarks with performance of operations executed by rigs of same class. Our bench-marking database registers speed and duration of a significant amount of wells to be compared with your rig operations.

Download the files Genesis RPS and Genesis RPS Operational Excellence in download page.